FreediveUK to offer freediving and spearfishing courses in West Wales

We’d like to introduce you to Jaymz Flood. 
 Jaymz is our newly qualified Freediving and Spearfishing instructor, who will be delivering Freediving and Spearfishing courses in Wales.
 We first met Jaymz in 2012 on a Freediving trip to Iceland. Jaymz had gotten into the sport of Spearfishing the year previously and had sought out FreediveUK to help him grow his skills as a Freediver to aid his Spearfishing. Like many others at the start, Jaymz struggled with the basics of Freediving, but it wasn’t long after a few sessions with us was he comfortable with his depth and breath holds, good enough to be able to turn his Spearfishing game around.
 Whilst in Iceland and completing his AIDA2, Jaymz fell in love with Freediving. It was not long after, Jaymz contacted us again about enrolling in more accredited AIDA courses with us. Over the last 8 years, Jaymz has traveled the globe with us, from the cold clear waters of Iceland, to as far east warm waters of Thailand, completing his own AIDA courses. As a former Youth Worker and IT Trainer, Jaymz has a natural ability to teach. He possesses extreme patience for new learners and is always willing to lend a hand. Once Jaymz completed his AIDA4, he was able to formally assist with other FreediveUK instructors, and we were delighted to welcome him into the FreediveUK family once completing his AIDA Instructor course. Jaymz is somewhat of a highlight on our Freediving holidays, with his bubbly and funny attitude towards life, his thick Welsh accent, and his ability to make everyone laugh, he’s well thought of among our students and Instructors.
 Jaymz now runs a successful blog at where he documents all his adventures around the Welsh coastline.
We asked Jaymz 
“We know it was a long time ago, but what made you choose FreediveUK?”
You’re taking me back now, Ian! I remember searching Google for Freediving courses after not being able to correctly get to the depth I wanted to in Spearfishing. I felt hopeless in the water, scaring more Fish than I was shooting. I found FreediveUK offering a trip to Iceland, and I instantly knew I had to go there to try it. The gin-clear water of Iceland just looked so appealing. I’ll be honest, the cold water wasn’t grabbing my attention so much, but it looked amazing! So I signed up, nervously met you guys in the airport, and the rest is history. I was worried at first because I knew I was the newbie amongst the group, and I’ve played enough sport to know that everyone laughs at the new kid. But that really wasn’t the case! There couldn’t have been a nicer bunch of guys in the world! I loved my time in Iceland. As a Spearfisher yourself, you knew my reasons for wanting to get better at the sport, so you really honed in on me and taught me what I needed to progress. That was my introduction to this fascinating world of Freediving, and everyone in it. I’ve made some amazing friends, met some very interesting characters, and traveled to some of the most beautiful places in the world, all because of that one Google search. And here we are, almost a decade later, now under the FreediveUK banner as a Freediving and Spearfishing instructor.
“You’ve expressed for years about working with FreediveUK, but what makes Wales such an interesting place to Freedive and Spearfish?”
First of all, Wales is a beautiful country. Once you’re out of the main cities and towns, you are neck-deep in rolling green valleys. But it’s the coastline that fascinates me. For a small country, Wales has 1680 miles of coastline, all waiting to be explored. The marine life, the scenery, the water, it has everything you need to start your venture into Freediving or Spearfishing. We have the Blue Lagoon in West Wales to offer some amazing Freedive training, before starting your adventure exploring the coast. Spearfishing in West Wales is also second to none. We have a diverse population of marine animals, some to take home for tea, and some just to be appreciated. You’re never too far away from an amazing underwater experience if you are in Wales.
“Lastly, we know you passionate about being underwater, but why would you recommend Freediving and Spearfishing to someone?
As I’ve said previously, Spearfishing was something I decided to get into a long time ago and I needed the Freediving to help me become a better Spearfisher. But it was only once I discovered the world of Freediving did I really fall in love with both disciplines. I think anyone who takes the plunge underwater, opens their eyes, and looks around, will feel the same as I did. There’s a world beneath the waves just waiting to be explored. I always think of being underwater as “going home”, as I feel it’s where I belong now if that makes sense? It’s hard to describe the feeling of being 20m deep in crystal clear water, laying on the sand, and taking in the surroundings and the wildlife with nothing but your own breath. It really is awe-inspiring. Spearfishing is the ultimate way to put food on the table. Going back to the ancient ways of tracking and hunting food underwater. A lot of people will worry about whether or not they are comfortable with being in the water or not. Freediving doesn’t have to be deep, Spearfishing doesn’t have to mean catching the biggest fish. If you are underwater, you’re Freediving! It’s for any ability, it’s as deep as you want it to be, and it’s for as long as you want it to last. I welcome those reading this to train with FreediveUK and try this amazing experience.
We’d like to thank Jaymz for choosing to gain his AIDA qualifications with FreediveUK over the many years he’s dived with us. Jaymz will now be leading Freediving and Spearfishing Courses in Wales. Please see our booking calendars ( RED COLOURED COURSES)  to find out when you can Freedive and Spearfish with Jaymz.

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