The best Christmas presents for freedivers

Its that time of year again, and its a few years since our last post about gifts for the freediver or spearo in your life, so its about time that we update you on what to buy and why!

A freediving course 

The best gift that you could possibly give is a gift that not only will keep them safe but make them better divers so that they can enjoy their sport even more. We offer a huge range of courses to cater for freedivers, surfers, spearfishers and even wannabe mermaids! You can purchase a course outright or you can buy a monetary voucher so they can put it towards the course of their choosing. Not sure which one to buy? Then get in touch, we are here to help.



Epsealon Evisio Mask

We use these at the school as they fit most people and are very low volume. High quality silicone skirt and a nice overall design give outstanding vision and efficiency at depth. This particular model is ideal for spearfishers who dont yet have a mirrored lens mask. A mirrored lens decreases the chance of spooking fish as they cannot see your eyes, and yes, they do work.

epsealon evisio

Intova compact LED divers torch

Like all things freediving, we are looking for small, lightweight and efficient bits of kit. Well this fits the bill! Personally i dont like diving with a torch thats too bright and big, it ruins the atmosphere! This torch strikes the right balance, bright enough for use in the day looking under ledges, good for dark swimthroughs or of course for a spot of night diving. These are gift worth in my opinion partly due to the all metal construction, they just look and feel good. The recipient will be stoked when they open it up on christmas day… a nice bit of bling.



Beuchat Mundial 2 freediving computer

These freediving computers seem to have the exact same internals and electronics to the Aeris F10, so thats a good thing. Basically this is a very well configured and designed freediving computer. An ideal gift for someone special and deserving in your life. If they don’t have a dive computer yet it will help them train and stay safe.



Crab and lobster hook with spike

It s illegal and unsustainable to spear crustaceans (for reasons i wont go in to right now), so if you want to get them without loosing fingers you will need a hook…….. Yes you could make your own, but or £15 whats the point? I love my crab hook, ill often dive with it and no gun as it can get flatfish as well thanks to the hidden spike at the back end.


Epsealon camo weight harness

I use this almost everytime I dive in the UK when in water less than 15m deep. It helps you balance out the weight distribution on your body and takes some of the weight off your waist. This model comes with a d ring to attach to your weight belt for quick release, a whistle and a knife attachment point.


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