Aida 2 Freedive Course

Whether you want to be a deep diver, sinking effortlessly in to the inky blue, or you just want to feel a level of relaxation you may never have imagined… we can take you there.

Level 2
2 Day


Course Details

The level 2 course is the natural progression from the 1 star course within the AIDA educational ladder. You must have completed the level 1, or equivalent to enroll in this course.

Course costs £250 and includes pool hire, boat use and all equipment. No hidden extras! 

  • Day one will be spent shadowing level 1 students as you get back in to the swing of things.
  • On day 2 we will conduct the deeper dives from the kayaks, up to 20m max.  After lunch we should be near to completion for the course and hopefully we will have time to find some interesting wildlife to dive near.

You will learn, among others:

  • Deep diving up to 20m
  • Breath-hold times of over 2 minutes
  • Dynamic apnea distances of over 40m
  • Rescue from depth
  • More advanced buddy skills
  • Line diving with lanyards

Book Now

Contact us at to arrange a level 2 course for £250 if you have previously done the level 1.

Not done the aida level 1? Take Aida 1 & 2 together​

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