Aida Instructor Courses

Are you ready to challenge yourself and take your freediving in a new direction? To move away from recreational freediving and in to the world of professional freediving?

The Details

Cost: £1500

Becoming an AIDA instructor immediately grants you entry in to an exclusive club of freediving professionals, working towards making the sport safer and more popular. AIDA instructors are among the best trained freediving instructors in the world, with more stringent requirements than many other agencies. That’s why when students come to get trained in freediving, the majority will choose AIDA.

In order to enroll on the AIDA instructor course you must hold an AIDA level 4 qualification and a valid first aid certification. You also must be physically and mentally prepared for up to 10 days of solid training. AIDA instructor candidates are expected to show perfect level 4 skills, enough physical endurance to perform on demand and a state of mind that imparts calm and focus in their students.

The AIDA instructor course is not a guaranteed pass, in order to maintain standards candidates will only pass if they complete all of the requirements to a suitable standard.

That all being said, we are here to help. Under instruction from Ian Donald you will be pushed but in a supportive framework. Ian understands what its like to be under pressure and he will work with you and help you develop both as a diver but more importantly as a teacher. Ian’s teaching methods have an excellent success rate and he will endeavour to pass on these skills and secrets to you on this course.

A bit more about the course...

Cost: £1500

Dates: tbc

Equipment: Only dive lines will be included, you must have your own equipment.

Boat charters and entry fees: Included

Instructor candidate materials: Included

The instructor course is a big step, and for that reason we should speak to you before you decide to take the plunge!

Please either email us at or call 01637621922 to discuss the course in more detail.

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