Whats included on courses?

No hidden extras!

This is one of our fundamental principles at Freedive UK.

We know what it can be like on courses like this… you pay out for a course, only to arrive and be told that this, that, or the other, isn’t included.

As standard, all of our AIDA and 2 day+ courses include;

  • Freediving Equipment Hire
  • Wetsuit hire
  • Safety kit hire
  • Boat fees
  • Quarry fees
  • Dive site fees
  • Pool fees
  • Certification


Our short courses include;

  • Freediving Equipment hire
  • Wetsuit hire
  • Safety kit hire
  • pool fees 
  • Certification (if relevant)


Our holidays include;

  • Accommodation
  • Food and drink (unless stated)
  • Transport and transfers
  • Kit hire
  • Training
  • Certification

Although we include wetsuit hire in many courses we always would recommend using your own wetsuit, so they fit well and keep you really warm.

The only thing we cant include is your accommodation and transport. Dive sites are often a  drive away from Newquay, you can get a lift with us but this is not included in the course and is not covered by insurance.

We are now operating as normal!