Winter foundations


Welcome 2023

During these dark and dreary months it’s hard to find focus and certainly the mindset to train for the summer dive season.  But the best summer dives are made in the winter.
Using the new year as a goal setting moment (we don’t like ‘resolutions’ rather set yourself purpose than something to remove from your life) now is the time to start working on those summer dive aspirations.
After the ridiculously lazy and indulgent December period it can seem like the mountain is harder to climb (or in this sense the ocean deeper than its ever seemed) but for us January is the perfect time to set focus to working on those depths, times or even headspace.
Let’s face it though it’s chilly… not just chilly in fact it’s bloody freezing. So perhaps dive training is not the first thing on the agenda. Not to worry there are plenty of ways we have been focusing and prepare ourselves for the coming dive season
Firstly nutrition.  We talk a lot about what to eat pre and post dive but putting in the foundations and fuelling our bodies with the right nutrients from the get-go is going to have lasting affects into training and development.
Secondly dry training. From VO2 max training, strength and conditioning and of course those blasted co2 tables it’s all important and even more so in the winter when water time is limited.
And of course the most important weapon in any freedivers arsenal is mindset.  We take this long and dark month to put a big focus on meditation. From personal development alone and at home to accessing sound baths and meditation workshops. Now is the time to really harness those skills.
Let’s learn to enjoy these months of growth and look forward to another incredible year of deep happiness
By Nicky Cacioppo

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