Aida 4 Freedive Course

The AIDA 4 course is the most advanced non-professional freediving course

Level 4
4 Day


Course Details

We normally only run the level 4 course when abroad on one of our holidays, as it takes several days to complete and can be a bit tricky in the UK. We would suggest this route, but if you want to do it in the UK, and have the time to do it then we can accommodate. If it is completed in the UK we recommend splitting the diving in to two weekends rather than one hit. Dates will be arranged at mutually convenient times. Please contact us directly at

AIDA 4 freediving course – £500(This includes quarry entry and all fees, pool entry, kit hire and certification)

Designed to continue a freediver’s training beyond the level of AIDA 3 Freediver. It aims to meet the needs of those freedivers who want to continue freediving beyond a recreational level. Students will be familiarised with the techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving, such as exhale diving and mouth fill equalising. They will develop their skills within the main categories of freediving; Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, Constant Weight and Free Immersion, even though the main focus is on Constant Weight.

Besides the in water skills, the students will be introduced to full body stretching, lung stretching, cross training and diet that will benefit their freediving development.

Once certified as a level 4 freediver, the freediver can also assist on AIDA certification courses. Therefore it is often considered as an ‘Assistant instructor’ level.

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