Freediving books

Underwater Foraging

A book of three parts; Freediving manual, sustainable marine foraging guide and introduction to spearfishing.

In this full colour, large format publication (8.5″x11″) by master freediving instructor Ian Donald, you will be taught in a step-by-step manner how to freedive, forage for marine foods and spearfish, all with sustainability in mind. 

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Track and record your breath-hold diving exploits!

Logbooks are not just for scuba divers, they can be a great training tool for freedivers too!

What was the marine life like last year? How long was your best breath-hold last week? When is the visibilty best at a certain tide in a certain location? All things that we can easily forget over time. This handy logbook contains all the fields that you might need to make logging your dives quick and easy.

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Thankyou to everyone who visited during 2020. We hope that 2021 season will be easier but just in case and until things change our 2020 covid restrictions will be in place.

Course numbers will be limited to rule of 6 and all social distancing and hygiene measures will be adhered to in non emergency circumstances.

Bookings are being taken and we will now be allowing course date changes if available up until 1 week before the course start in the case of a change of government policy or guidelines.

Please be sure that if you need accommodation to attend, that this is secure, as we cannot refund due to a change in your accommodation choices.

Due to the restriction surrounding social distancing some elements of the advertised courses may differ, such as boat use and pool use. Please also note that until guidelines change in regards to travel in vehicles outside of your family unit or bubble you will need to transport yourself to and from dive sites. 

Our standard terms and conditions apply to refunds and cancellations.

We are looking forward to diving with you