Freediving books

Underwater Foraging

A book of three parts; Freediving manual, sustainable marine foraging guide and introduction to spearfishing.

In this full colour, large format publication (8.5″x11″) by master freediving instructor Ian Donald, you will be taught in a step-by-step manner how to freedive, forage for marine foods and spearfish, all with sustainability in mind. 

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Track and record your breath-hold diving exploits!

Logbooks are not just for scuba divers, they can be a great training tool for freedivers too!

What was the marine life like last year? How long was your best breath-hold last week? When is the visibilty best at a certain tide in a certain location? All things that we can easily forget over time. This handy logbook contains all the fields that you might need to make logging your dives quick and easy.

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