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Learn to freedive this summer

with renowned freediver and author Ian Donald and his team, all run in the clear water of the Atlantic Ocean

Learn an amazing new skill this summer and enhance your life by becoming a freediver!

We make freediving fun taking it away from the two dimensional constraints of pure ‘line diving’ and bringing it in to the real world. Our goal is to break the stereotype of the competition freediver and bring freediving to the wider market. Its fun, rewarding and safe

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Freediving training tips

Simple freediving posture fix

Your posture will affect not only your efficiency in the water but it will also affect your ability to equalise. So if we fix our bad posture habits we can make our freediving way more

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Freediving training tips

How to aim a speargun? Instinctive aiming.

On our spearfishing courses we of course at some point cover how to aim. I think most people are however pretty surprised when we kinda skip over it without a huge amount of detail thrown

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Freediving kit reviews

Pantor Sealion dive watch review

I love a nice watch! Something simple, rugged and effective is all i want. As a freediver i also need something that will go deep enough and not flood at depth. Last year i was

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Freediving for food

How to find good spearfishing spots

When you start spearfishing, one of the first things you start to think about is where to go!? Ill keep this post simple, as if i wanted to i could waffle on for pages on

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Freedive UK will be operating private one to one sessions in June and full courses from July,

Course numbers will be limited to 4 students and all social distancing and hygiene measures will be adhered to in non emergency circumstances.

Bookings are being taken and we will now be allowing course date changes if available up until 1 week before the course start in the case of a change of government policy or guidelines.

Please be sure that if you need accommodation to attend that this is secure, as we cannot refund due to a change in your accommodation choices.

Due to the restriction surrounding social distancing some elements of the advertised courses may differ, such as boat use. Please also note that until guidelines change in regards to travel in vehicles outside of your family unit or bubble you will need to transport yourself to and from dive sites. 

Our standard terms and conditions apply to refunds and cancellations.

We are looking forward to diving with you