Underwater Foraging - Freediving for food – The book

Underwater foraging – Freediving for food is a freediving and foraging manual, written by Freedive UK owner, foraging expert and master freediving instructor Ian Donald.

A book of three parts; Freediving manual, sustainable marine foraging guide and introduction to spearfishing.
In this full colour, large format publication (8.5″x11″) by master freediving instructor Ian Donald, you will be taught in a step-by-step manner how to freedive, forage for marine foods and spearfish, all with sustainability in mind.

Discover the vast array of sustainable foods available from above and below the water and acquire the skills to collect them. Full colour photographs of seaweeds and other edible sea-shore plants, molluscs and crustaceans.
If you are not planning on diving for your food, then there are plenty of foods that can be collected during a walk around the coast line, the best of which are included in this guide.

Learn the art of freediving, working through the skills in a logical manner, so you too can be a freediver, including: Equipment, breathing, relaxation, equalisation (basic and advanced), posture, movement, safety and many other skills.

Understand how to fish in the most sustainable way – Spearfishing.
Starting with the basics, including how to rig a gun, what gun to buy,how to shoot, where to hunt, and how to stay safe. Full colour photos of common and less common fish with hunting techniques for each one.

Uncover the truth behind our impact on the seas, and how by becoming an underwater forager, you can start to make a difference. Learn about freediving and foraging cultures of the past and present and how their part in underwater foraging history has influenced us.

Written in plain English, avoiding confusing technical jargon wherever possible, let this book become your guide to the beautiful underwater realm of the breath-hold diver and forager.

Thanks to Emily Donald, Kass Gibson, Richard Marsh, Stuart ‘Reg’ Perrin, Al Scarlet, James Keith, Andy Duncan, Jessica Hollis, Callum Sampson (www.callumsampson.com), Greg Dennis (www.gregdennis.co.uk), Project Moken (www.projectmoken.com), Sofie Olsen (www.sofieolsen.com),  Torben Venning, Tom White (www.tomwhitephotography.com), The Borneo Child Aid Society (www.borneochildaid.org).

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