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Courses cost  £150 per person and are conducted over one day here in Cornwall in small groups (see calendar) or for larger groups on request.

Underwater foraging

Taught by author of ‘Underwater foraging – freediving for food’  Ian Donald you will discover the vast array of sustainable foods that can be gathered from the foreshore and from under the waves, all using freediving skills.

There are no spearguns used in this course, it is all about hand gathering using Freediving. Get introduced to the basic Freediving techniques that will enable you to collect food from under the sea.

Look for edible seaweeds, shoreline plants and herbs, molluscs and crustaceans. Learn how to find them, collect them, prepare them and use them.

Ian was  the first to specialise in marine foraging in the UK and his best selling 2014 book has been the starting point for thousands of divers for freediving/spearfishing and foraging.

This one day course will teach you how to gather marine foods in a sustainable way. In collaboration with the Cornwall good seafood guide, the cornwall wildlife trust and seasearch.

If you want to do a more complete two day version of this course, and learn about polespears as well, take a look at our Underwater foraging course.


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