Aida 1 & 2 Extended Freedive Course

This unique course takes the standard AIDA 1-2 course and adds an additional day to refine and perfect your new skills.

Level 1 & 2 extended
3 Day

AIDA 1&2

Course Details

Course costs £450, lasts 3 days and includes, boat use (weather permitting) pool hire,  deep quarry access, training, certification and ALL equipment.

By the end of the course you will have covered

  • Equipment for freediving.
  • Breathing for freediving.
  • Safety for freediving.
  • Preparation breathing.
  • Efficiency of movement.
  • Static apnea training for breath-holds of over 2 minutes.
  • Using freediving equipment.
  • Duck diving.
  • Equalisation.
  • Body positioning.
  • Finning style.
  • Buddying.
  • Deep dives to a minimum of 50ft (nearly 4 storeys deep)
  • Dynamic (distance) apnea of over 40m

Compared to the standard AIDA 1-2 level course, this will give you a full additional day to really refine your skills. This great for the beginner who may be struggling to complete the required skills within the standard 2 day experience, or for the more experienced diver who wants to push things a bit further and may be considering the AIDA level 3.

A bit more about the course...

…We start the day with basic freediving theory and cover the aspects of correct breathing. We then go through a couple of hours of pool training, covering static breath holding, rescues and dynamic apnea. In the afternoon , we start our open water theory and relaxation training. Here we focus on how to achieve perfect technique whilst diving on a float with a line, how to conduct free immersion dives and how to buddy and rescue at depth. At Freedive UK we put a lot of effort in to training you to achieve perfect style, concentrating on efficiency of movement and form as our primary goal.

On your second day as a freediver you will learn how to dive to depth in open water. We will dive using dive lines and lanyards for your safety and will focus on deep diving posture and relaxation. We will conduct our deep dives eother from boat charter (fair weather) and/or a private quarry (poor weather) in order to give you the best quality instruction and the most exciting diving on the day. After free immersion dives, we focus on constant weight dives to complete the depth requirements for the course. The exam will be completed either at the end of day one or two… so be prepared and read your notes before attending. If you think you might need a 3rd day of training then check out our adventure freediving day or private training days. Please note that our courses in west Wales have a slightly different schedule, but the basics are the same.

Your final day is designed to either help you complete the skills that you may have struggled with on day 1 and 2 or possibly to allow you to push things a bit further. 

Whatever the final day may bring, we always try to ensure that its a really relaxed and fun day, allowing you to use your new found skills in the sea.

Cost – £450

Pool hire, training, certification and  equipment is included. A boat charter is only taken in suitable conditions. (If you have your own wetsuit, we would recommend bringing it as it may fit better (although you can use one of ours for free). You need to be over 16 and must be able to swim 200m unaided. A self declaration medical form will need to be completed (if you need this prior to booking please ask) All courses are conducted in small groups (max 1:4 instructor to student ratio), to ensure the highest levels of safety and teaching quality. Courses start and finish in Newquay, Cornwall. Days start at 9:30 am and end at about 4-6pm.

Spaces are limited so if you want to book this course find an available date in the booking calendar at the bottom of this page and book your space online now. The booking system is live and available spaces are shown on each course. All courses are guaranteed to run once a space is booked, we have no minimums and will not cancel on you. Alternatively you can have a chat to us about it all before committing and book over the phone. If there is a date that you want that is fully booked (and you can’t make another date) contact us as we may be able to accommodate your needs. Deposits can be taken for courses.

Please bring some old shoes or flip flops for walking at dive sites.

Loss or damage to FreediveUK equipment: Equipment hire is free however we do take a £50 deposit on the day of the course to cover damages or loss. This is a fraction of the cost of most of our equipment but we find it to be a reasonable amount to ask people to cover in the event of a loss or damage. See details of terms here


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