Speciality courses

After gaining a qualification you may want to improve certain aspects of your freediving. This is where a speciality course comes in

The Details

Courses start at £75 per session

AIDA Monofin Freediver course: is designed to be an introduction to monofin swiming and to help the student develop the basic skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to start using the monofin efficiently. £150

FreediveUK ocean freediver safety course: is designed to improve your awareness of basic and more advanced rescue techniques, environmental changes and understanding how to stay safe regardless. £150 (shore)

FreediveUK Adventure day: Is a freediving shore dive day, aimed at exploring the coastline and hopefully meeting some local wildlife. £150

FreediveUK surf survival course: Is designed to improve you confidence and chances of survival when things don’t go according to plan in big surf or any turbulent water. (£75)

FreediveUK mermaid courses: Were the first mermaid courses in the UK, very much starting the craze and teaching many who now run dedicated mermaid schools. Levels 1-3 available for groups on demand. (£150-£450)

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