Two Day Spearfishing Course
BSA Approved!

Taught by one of our AIDA freediving instructors who are also experienced spearfishermen, you will learn how to dive deeper, stay there longer and ultimately… catch more fish!

Designed for either new divers looking to get in to the sport or for more advanced spearos looking to improve their safety and bottom time.

All the diving will take place in the diverse and exciting waters of Cornwall or west Wales, where we will take you out to proper spearfishing marks whilst you do your dive training

Course Details

The course costs £300 and includes AIDA 1* freediving certification and all equipment.

This course lasts two days and teaches spearfishing/freediving safety, hunting techniques, freediving techniques, pool training (all with the spearos very specific needs in mind) and could leave you with an AIDA 1* freediving qualification (assuming you make the grade!).

You will discover how to locate and catch Lobsters and Crabs, learning the tell tale signs of their presence and how to pick them up without getting pinched. You will be taught how to operate a speargun safely and how to hunt sustainable fish choices and what shellfish and seaweeds you can eat so you always come home with something for the pot.

We don’t cut corners… On the first day we concentrate on confined water breath-hold techniques in a heated indoor pool, relaxation, underwater efficiency. We then cover hand foraging, gun rigging, gun handling and shooting technique. Your instructor will go through what fish you can catch, where to catch them and how to ensure you dispatch them cleanly and ethically.

On the second day we head out to an exciting spot somewhere on the Cornish or Welsh coast (Cornwall courses can be  with a boat if conditions are suitable, for a small additional charge). During the training you will use quality equipment and will have the opportunity to use your breath-hold to its fullest, with your instructor following you and giving you additional instructions as you go. You will have the chance to use a polespear as well as guns, so you can discover what works best for you.

Equipment hire is free however we do take a £50 deposit on the day of the course to cover damages or loss. This is a fraction of the cost of most of our equipment but we find it to be a reasonable amount to ask people to cover in the event of a loss or damage. See details of terms here

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Thankyou to everyone who visited during 2020. We hope that 2021 season will be easier but just in case and until things change our 2020 covid restrictions will be in place.

Course numbers will be limited to rule of 6 and all social distancing and hygiene measures will be adhered to in non emergency circumstances.

Bookings are being taken and we will now be allowing course date changes if available up until 1 week before the course start in the case of a change of government policy or guidelines.

Please be sure that if you need accommodation to attend, that this is secure, as we cannot refund due to a change in your accommodation choices.

Due to the restriction surrounding social distancing some elements of the advertised courses may differ, such as boat use and pool use. Please also note that until guidelines change in regards to travel in vehicles outside of your family unit or bubble you will need to transport yourself to and from dive sites. 

Our standard terms and conditions apply to refunds and cancellations.

We are looking forward to diving with you