Freediving in Cornwall – 2012 – The summer so far…

Well well well… What a start to the season.

We started with our trip to Iceland, which we are still harking back to with fond memories.

During May we had some of the best conditions that I have seen for a while, perfect calm seas, clear blue skies… Dolphins… Seals… Mackerel shoals, its been a corker. Despite very recent weather in the UK being less than perfect, we seem to have avoided the worst of it down here in sunny Cornwall.

We have certified lots of people on to the first rungs of the AIDA ladder, all probably now convinced that diving in the UK always means turquoise water and sunny skies. In fact we have already dived more on the North coast than we did all of last year. We actually did a row of courses where all the deep diving was right in the middle of Fistral Bay! If you know Newquay at all, you will understand how unusually good the conditions must have been to allow us to do that.

The kayaks have been a real hit this year, much more popular than the RHIB we used last year. Eco friendly and adaptable, the kayaks allow us to go to freediving sites that would have otherwise been inaccessible to us. They also mean we can cruise by seals and Basking sharks without disturbing them.

We have also taken delivery of nice new Monofins, to allow us to continue expanding the training horizons of our students.

We must also give a big thanks and shout out to our friends and affiliates. Spearfishing store, fins4u and Atlantic reach resort. All of whom have been really supportive in all sorts of ways this season.

If you are still thinking whether you should book in to a course then dont delay! The water this year is much warmer than last year, the sea is clear and there is far more life in the sea than normal.

See you in the water!


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2 Responses

  1. Hello, I am an artist who paints every subject relating to the ocean. I saw you photo above with the two divers and wondered if I could have you permission to paint a piece based on it? The colours are just the palette I use and the shapes of the divers so beautiful. I use real copper in my work to create the verdigris green colour. It would be lovely. I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best Hannah Getley.

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