Freediving quick tips – Basic finning

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  1. Hi Ian, great video on finning. I found it very simple and easy to follow.

    Just a quick question, in the past I’ve had trouble finning because I don’t kick hard enough forwards so I often find myself grinding on the line on the way down.

    However, on the way back up, I can control if I go forwards or backwards much better than on the descent.

    Is this just because being upside down in water is an unnatural position for the body to be in?

    Thx, Dan

    1. Basically, yes. When you are upright you have less urge to look along the line, you will have better dive posture and therfore better line orientation. Also, the majority of the ascent, unless you are going very deep is somewhat technically easier than the descent. Less force is needed. For example in a 20m dive you have to fin to move for about 18m of that dive, on the ascent you only have to fin for about 12-15m of that dive and much of it is with a lot less effort. So…. technique comes easier.

  2. Hi Ian

    Have been struggling to get a clear indication of what is a good snorkeling/free diving fin, I don’t like open heel fins, much prefer fully enclosed foot, I don’t want to be damaging delicate coral reefs I am in close proximity with, with large unwieldy fins but at the same time I want to be able to get down to a reasonable depth, the fin must be no longer than 700mm, has to fit in my backpack , my apologies for my somewhat longer winded question.
    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.



    1. Have you seen the cressi pro star? They are snorkel length fins that are a bit more ‘pro’. They wont be as good as a full freediving fin, but they are all closer to 900mm.

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