Speargun review – First gun – Cressi Geronimo 75

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Cressi Geronimo Speargun

Its one of those weirdly tough decisions…. What gun to buy, especially if its your first.

There are a lot to choose from, all different price points with lots of varied features and USPs which apparently will ‘ensure’ that you catch more fish.

First of all you need to think of the length. 

A longer gun will give you more range and more power.

A shorter gun will be more maneuverable and easier to load.

If you are starting out you need to find a good balance between these factors. As a beginner, there is no point in buying a 1m long cannon which you will struggle to load and struggle to aim, it will create more missed opportunities than successful shots.

In my opinion a 75cm gun is just the right length for a new spearo. It will give you enough range and power, whilst being easy to move underwater.

Now… Why the Cressi Geronimo?

The Cressi range has plenty of good options for all spearos and being a European company the spare parts are easy to get hold of.

The Cressi Geronimo sports a range of features that i believe supersedes its price point….

So what are the features that make this gun work so well?

1: The main selling point for this is that it has an integrated spear guide running the entire length of the gun. This guide is molded in to the aluminium barrel and keeps the spear running true through the entire shot. This feature makes this gun very accurate.

2: A comfortable and well shaped handle gives you more control over your shot, allowing you to transfer small movements in to the gun, without slipping of getting cramp.

3: A decent spear. Lots of lower level guns come with cheap, brittle spears. The stock spear on this gun is very strong and very sharp and is more likely to keep its shape for longer than cheaper spears.


4: Its rigged with monofilament shooting line as standard. This gives a fast shot and an easier load. I would say that the only downside of the gun (as stock) is that the line isn’t rigged with a swivel or bungee, so if you choose to buyt this gun, buy a swivel as well.

5: It can accommodate double bands, meaning that you can increase the power without changing the gun.


We use this gun as one of the school guns, in fact one of them has been in use for 2 years now. Its survived missed shots in to granite reef, being sat on, trodden on and generally being abused. All we have had to do is replace the bands a couple of times (as one would expect) and change the spear once.

This gun will serve you well through the early days of your spearfishing career and longer, giving enough power to catch any fish that you might come across in UK waters. I know several very good spearos who use this gun as their main gun, which just shows that it should last you a long time and that upgrading will be low on your priorities for quite some time.

Remember, you get what you pay for, and although this gun is a bit pricier than other potential first time guns, it is leagues ahead in accuracy and quality than the cheaper options that may be rattling around in your virtual shopping basket!

If you want to try one out before committing come on one of our spearfishing courses .

You can buy the Geronimo from most good spearfishing outlets. Remember that Freedive UK students (past, present or ‘confirmed’ future) will get a 10% discount from spearfishing store, where you can get your hands on a Geronimo and all of the other kit you need to be a safe and productive spearo.

Dive safe!



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  1. I was thinking of getting the cressi geronimo 2 gun but i am deciding between the 60cm and the 75cm. I am 5,4 and will the 75 be hard to load?

    1. No, it should be fine. Id go for the 75, the 60 just isnt quite punchy enough in my opinion, unless you are doing a lot of hole fishing. Just ensure that when you are loading you reach with one arm first, then the other, and then pull in one confident motion.

    1. Hi, Size apart the differences are fairly minimal. The barrel is a more hydrodynamic shape on the elite and the spear is a better model plus you get a reel thrown in with the elite, you also get a circular rubber with the Elite, which is more a matter of personal preference rather than actual performance imo.
      I dont really feel that one is more accurate than the other. One is just a lot more money and looks a bit sexier.

  2. what will you recomend to buy after having geronimo elite 95 to fish around from 15 pound fish to 50 pund groupers or 40 pound bass, live in Ecuador we have lots of diferent kinds

    1. Id go riffe or Rob Allen if i were you. The diameter of the Euro spears are not really up to the task for much bigger fish. 15lbs is fine but 50lbs you are going to loose gear. Maybe a 115-140cm gun.

  3. Thanks for the review. I ended up checking out some other ones and went with a rob allen 90cm as it would be more versatile where I live.

  4. Hi, Have recently been getting into spearfishing / free diving where I live in Cape Verde. Having done some research I am split between getting the Geronimo (75 or 90cm) or the Yuma (75cm or 85cm). It would be mainly for inshore species but I want to have enough power if I were to go for something bigger off shore.

    It seems both are pretty similar models with the main difference being the closed vs open muzzle. I guess my question is – is there a difference in longevity of double or singular bands? As replacing parts is going to be an effort out here. I am leaning towards the Yuma but can’t help thinking it may just be a flashier / tackier attempt of the Geronimo.

    Ps. great book by the way!

    1. Id go geronimo 90.
      If you are wanting to hit anything in the ‘offshore’ bracket you will need the power. 90 isnt so big that you cant use it inshore either.
      Re the open muzzle etc, you can always swap to open muzzle with the geronimo by buying the different muzzle.
      The Geronimo grip and trigger are better in my opinion.
      Neither double or single bands are tougher, although once you learn how to cut and mount your own bands, you may find single bands cheaper in the long run as you can buy a few meters and make your own when you need it.
      Glad you liked the book…


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