Fourth Element RF freediving range

Mens and womens RF1

Several years ago, we were contacted to help in the design of the some freediving kit for Fourth Element. That range is now available and is called the RF range. Click here to check it out!

Whats started as a meeting in our office and a sketch in my notepad, has now become the best range of off the peg freediving suits that you can buy. This is something that i am totally sure of and very proud of. Obviously it wasnt just me, the team at Fourth Element did all the hard work. I just told them what I liked, what freedivers needed and what would work in my opinion.

We have incorporated everything that i wanted in a suit, particularly in the 3mm RF1, which has every feature that i wanted in a warm water wetsuit. Easy to don, warm, flexible and adaptable. Its perfect for warmer waters, in fact ive used the suit and vest in June in Cornwall for nearly 2 hours (ok, i got cold at the end, but it was surprisingly effective!). It feels fast, doesnt restrict movement and works for all disciplines.

The thicker RF2 is slightly more conventional, as a 2 piece feediving suit, but its packed full of features and is mega flexible, but rugged where you need it. Fast in the water but without compromising usability. This is what youll need for the majority of UK diving. Its mega lux!

The suits are squarely aimed at active, training freedivers. Freedivers who want performance, but dont want to risk wearing a delicate competition suit everyday.

Take a look at the gear, its great.

Oh, and the new dry robe is amazing!

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