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Hi all,

Unfortunately we have had to make the decision to pass on our boat fees to our clients commencing 8/6/22.

As im sure you are all more than aware, fuel prices have skyrocketed and therefore the boat charters that we use have substantially increased their prices. What you may not be aware of is we havent changed our prices in 10 years! So with the two factors combined, we now have to ask our students to pay for their boat spaces if the conditions are suitable and the group agrees. This cost is £45 paid directly to the boat operator on the day.

We will continue to include the quarry and pool entry fees as these have not changed.

We thankyou for your understanding!

Ian and Emily


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  1. Good morning. I have just been watching the Sunday morning repeat of Countryfile featuring you teaching Matt Baker the basic techniques of freediving. However, it was your name which made me look up! Are you by any chance the son of Bruce and Helen formerly of “Rosegarth”? If so, I am so pleased to see that that blond haired schoolboy is enjoying life. Bruce was my boss.

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