Freediving and spearfishing safety/technique evening- Newquay

This May 14th we are to be running a ‘practically’ free evening of talks and demonstrations with one thing in mind, to improve the safety skills and general knowledge of both seasoned and aspiring divers. I say practically free because there will be an entry fee of £1…. yep thats right… ONE POUND! This will cover drinks and refreshments, give us an idea of whos actually coming, and anyway, all profits will go to the Plastic Oceans foundation, so its all good. We will also be accepting donations on their behalf on the day and through the website.

Freediving and spearfishing have both surged in popularity over recent years, and in the course of that time we have seen more and more people undertaking both activities without any formal training. Initially in response to this I wrote a book ‘Underwater foraging – Freediving for food’, in order to give people as little as excuse as possible to do things in a dangerous or unsustainable way. Of course ideally we would have everyone come on a course but we know this will never happen for lots of reasons, be it economic, geographic or something else…

This is not a back-handed marketing ploy, this is born of a genuine concern for peoples safety. In the Newquay area we have seen lots of surfers take up freediving or spearfishing as a flat water alternative, and almost without fail we see pretty dangerous practices which not only could result in injury to themselves, but to others and damage to the marine eco-system. Hopefully this evening will give enough info to put a stop to a lot of those practices, and really there is no excuse not to come! Its only a quid, the venue is walk able from all parts of Newquay and there will be free refreshments! Surely its worth popping your head in, I promise it will be interesting?! Im sorry that this isn’t something we can roll out in other locations but as its free, we just cant afford to do it.

This will be an informative and varied series of talks from some really quite interesting individuals, with positive messages to give at every available opportunity. You will also have plenty of time before and after to talks to ask any questions that you have and to meet like minded people!

Myself(Ian Donald) and Brett Morrison will cover safety and practical techniques for both freediving and spearfishing.

Rebecca Allen from Cornwall College Newquay will talk to us about conservation and conduct in the water. What to look out for in regards to endangered or at risk species and how to protect them.

Al Scarlett will be talking about how freediving can be used for photography and will be showing a series of his photos and demonstrating the kit needed.

May 14th – 2015

6pm-10pm @ Cornwall College Newquay

6pm-7pm – meet and greet and free refreshments

7pm-9pm – Talks

9pm-10pm – free refreshents and any last questions

If you have any questions please contact us .

You can pay your entry fee here on our payment page, there are options for a greater donation.

If you decide to pay on the day please can you inform us that you are coming.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi , just emailed to let you know I will come to the college on the 14th..maybe slightly later than 6pm but will try to get there asap

  2. Hi three I just read your post I’ve just taken up spear fishing I’m in Newquay for acfewcdsy and was wondering if I could buddy up with anyone available or if you know any good spots ?

    Thanks Paul

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