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Experience the underwater world of the stunning Cornish Coast on just one breath of air.

Freediving courses offer an exciting new option for everyone looking for something unique to do on their holidays in Cornwall, as well as a new watersport activity for Cornwall Locals.

Freediving is the oldest form of diving, a very popular sport all over the world and growing in popularity in the UK.  It is a truly amazing sport with the World Record holders exceeding depths of 200m on one breath of air – that’s close to the height of Canary Wharf!

Freediving offers fantastic Health and Well Being benefits, with similar breathing techniques to that of Yoga it offers an amazing way to hone relaxation skills as well as increase fitness levels.


Cornwall is already a popular UK Scuba Diving destination, but imagine being able to dive on kelp covered reefs and through rock canyons, explore wrecks and discover secret coves with no equipment to hold you back. There is also the chance to dive with Seals, Basking sharks, Sun fish, Dolphins and other amazing sea-life whilst completing your Freediving course.

Freediving is about discovering what is possible – whether that is pushing your body to its limits in competitions or just being able to get down there with the fish on your next holiday – it opens up a whole new underwater world!


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  1. Can you please tell me the name of the song/ music you play everything morning whilst camping at globe valley campsite. Thankyou

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